About Us

The Center on Research in Applied and Theoretical Econometrics (CRATE) was launched in Fall 2012 as part of the NYU Economics Department initiative to strengthen its quantitative component with the recruitment of two renowned senior econometricians, Quang Vuong and Edward Vytlacil. Since then, the Center has expanded to seven faculty, three research affiliates and several researchers visiting for short or long periods.

The objective of the Center is to build a bridge between the frontier research in  econometrics and its applications to a wide range of empirical and policy questions, including in labor, industrial organization, public economics, health, and finance. The Center offers weekly seminars and research lunches  where students and faculty are invited to present and discuss their research projects. The Center also sponsors various events such as conferences. CRATE benefits from the  financial support of New York University and its faculty research grants.

Faculty of Arts and Science
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